Side FC 92

About Side FC 92

Side FC 92 is the upper arm of the West Side Alliance Soccer Club.  WSA soccer, established in 1992, as a commitment to it's evolutionary nature, has aspired to provide first class soccer opportunities to an expansive reach, undeterred by commonplace challenges.  The vision of an "upper arm" was brought forth the club's vision of establishing a "Pathway to Pro" program.  

Side FC 92 partnered with UPSL, the fastest growing pro development league in the United States at the time of the partnership.  The UPSL platform provides SIDE FC 92 regioanlly based competition, at an elite semiprofessional level, in a nationally recognized league.  

Side FC 92 takes it's name from the club's nickname "The Side".   The "92" represents the founding year of 1992 for West Side Alliance SC.   

Side FC 92's inaugarel season of 2020, will bring a collection of homegrown, local, and international players to join together to represent the club's upper arm.  

The team is organized, supported, and administered by the cross-pollination of the support staff of WSA Soccer's Academy on the youth side.  Currenlty Side FC 92 will field a men's team.  Stay tuned for other exciting news regarding the team's upper arm and Pathway To Pro (P2P) program.